Our team provides consulting services in the field of environmental protection and waste management based on many years of experience. We offer consulting services in the implementation of environmental projects, supervision of project implementation, as well as the preparation of project documentation.

In the field of waste management, we offer our clients technology solutions and equipment in order to help them achieve the best solutions for their needs. We provide projects for recycling yards with the possibility of designing waste streams.

Furthermore, we offer energy reports and certificates for all types and sizes of facilities, from small, simple ones (module 1) to larger complex (module 2) and technically complex objects (module 3). Our expert in the area of the energy certification has many years of experience and he is the certified ISO 50001 lead auditor.

We put special emphasis on various high-quality and innovative products designed for the collection and sorting of household and industrial waste (paper, plastic, glass, organic waste, etc.), in particular those produced by renowned Italian manufacturer MATTIUSSI ECOLOGIA.

Our vision is to manage waste in the manner of good master, using valuable raw materials to save energy needed to produce new things and rationally using resources that are at our disposal.

With our offer we want to contribute to improving the state of the environment and to meet its targets for separate collection of waste in order to reduce the amount of waste intended for disposal and use valuable properties of separately collected waste at the same time.

It is time for adopting new habits that lead to waste management. This is why we establish integrated waste management system – so we could save valuable raw materials, keep nature alive, create new job positions and make our beautiful country even more beautiful, cleaner and pleasant to live in!

It is time for managing waste instead of just desposing it in landfills. If the waste is separated, useful raw materials such as paper, metal, plastic or glass, can be reused.

By irresponsible behaviour and creating garbage of which more than 80% end up in landfills, in just
10 years raw materials worth over 5 bilion HRK ended up in
landfills all over Croatia.